#CMALT is driving me crazy: part 2


It has been several months since I first blogged about my # CMALT frustrations and whilst I haven’t actually succeeded in writing much more I have had so many unexpected benefits since the post. I would never have guessed at just how much my approach to CPD would change and grow from putting my thoughts out in the open. So just what has happened since May?

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#FLsocmed Week 1: Twitter, numbers and being sociable


It is the end of my first week on the Social Media Analytics MOOC delivered by the good folk at the Queensland University of Technology. I have learnt how to get started analysing the numbers behind tweets and hashtags and how to use Martin Hawksey’s TAGS, which prior to the course I had only unsuccessfully dabbled with. There was also a lot of reading and debate around current issues regarding research ethics of public data within the FutureLearn space. However, it is the final article of the week, ‘Twitter (probably) isn’t dying, but is it becoming less sociable?’ written in November 2015 by Jean Burgess, one of the course leads, which sparked this post.

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Jisc #connectmore16 Belfast

I was unable to attend the Jisc Connect More event in Belfast last week but by the power of the technical I was able to present and follow the conversations. Even better I can now view everyone’s slides via the Jisc NI website.


This post allows me to present my resource list in an Internet friendly way as opposed to having to type long urls from the video. However, I have taken the opportunity to expand more on adding audio to PowerPoint as it can be a bit fiddly for the first few times.

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Jumping into the #LTHEchat


I have been following the weekly #LTHEchat as an observer (my more positive equivalent for lurker) for a long time however this week I decided to take the plunge and join in. As the topic was Open CPD it could not have been more apt for my first go.

As someone who had never participated in a tweetchat it was all in all a very daunting prospect and I wanted to put down my thoughts on the experience while still fresh in my mind.

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#CMALT is driving me crazy


Disclaimer: Just to be clear from the outset CMALT is in no way at fault in this scenario, despite the title the fault lies solely with me.

On this sunny Friday I have dusted down this old blog site, from when I dabbled with MOOCs, to have a rant at myself regarding my CMALT portfolio. I have quite literally lost track of the number of years I have been ‘thinking’ about this. So just what is the problem, why have I not finished and submitted? To answer this it is probably best to begin with the steps that I have taken to date and the support that I have benefited from.

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#octel Badges

One of my aims for this week was to find out what this whole badge thing was about in ocTEL and I was obviously not the only person to be intrigued by the talk of badges as I spotted a tweet on Friday asking if we were for or against the system.


Before the course started I would have stated categorically that I was against. I can’t foresee a case where I would want to include certificates/badges as professional development evidence because these items are not evidence of learning, just evidence that I ‘turned up’. In application, portfolio and appraisal situations for example, I would want to use evidence that I had actually gained from a course not just proving I attended. I would want to state the changes I implemented as a result of attending the course and why it helped me make those decisions etc. With that in mind I didn’t plan to really go about earning my badges over the five weeks of ocTEL.

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